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7VisionFund  Cambodia has continuously gained recognition as one of VFI’s top performing microfinance institutions within the World Vision Partnership.  VFI has a global network of microfinance institution in over 35 countries.





In September 2013:

 VisionFund Cambodia was honored with a seal of Pricing Transparency award from the prestigious international NGO, MFTransparency for its clear, accurate and transparent pricing of its microfinance products and services offered to clients. This recognition, along with various other top awards received, reinforces VisionFund Cambodia’s reputation as a socially responsible Microfinance Institution in Cambodia.

MIX-Star VisionFund Cambodia has recently been conferred with MIX 2013 S.T.A.R (Socially Transparent And Responsible) recognition for completing MIX's social performance desk review process and successfully meeting all its 2013 S.T.A.R requirements.

In 2013, VisionFund was bestowed another recognition by receiving two awards, the Outstanding Achievement in Social Performance and Award for Outreach and Inclusion (reaching disadvantaged clients) from Oikocredit, a leading global investor based in Netherlands, with a regional office in Southeast Asia. The Oikocredit ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) Award is a formal recognition given by Oikocredit Southeast Asia to selected partners who have consistently exhibited exceptional institutional accomplishments in social performance.

5 diamond

In 2012, we received the top “Five Diamonds” rating from MIX, in recognition of excellence in information disclosure.


vfc_2011platinum-certificate In 2011, VisionFund Cambodia was proud to achieve the “Platinum Award” which is the highest award level bestowed by MIX then, in recognition of VisionFund for its high transparency and commitment to achieve its social mission with evidence of driving social change.
4 In 2010, VisionFund Cambodia was granted a “Gold Award” for Social Performance Reporting. A gold award for social performance reporting is given by MIX when an MFI completes the social performance reporting, provides data on poverty measurement, and has a social rating that includes auditing of the poverty tool used by the MFI. The Social Performance Reporting Awards have attracted hundreds of submissions by MFIs around the world since its founding in 2009.


In 2009, VisionFund Cambodia was ranked 51th out of 100 top microfinances in the world in the MIX Global 100 Composite Ranking, whose major criteria included outreach, efficiency and transparency. (MIX is a non-profit organization and serves as the premier source for objective, qualified and relevant microfinance performance data and analysis. Committed to strengthening financial inclusion and the microfinance sector by promoting transparency, MIX provides performance information on microfinance institutions (MFIs), funders, networks and service providers dedicated to serving the financial sector needs for low-income clients).

That year we also won a “Silver Award” for Social Performance Reporting, which was developed and launched by CGAP, the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF), the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and with microfinance information provided by MIX.



VisionFund Cambodia was honored with a top award by CGAP on financial transparency in 2006 and a Certificate of Merit in 2005 and 2007.  During the same periods, we also received the top “Five Diamonds” rating from MIX, a leading business information provider, in recognition of excellence regarding information disclosure.



VisionFund Cambodia obtained the “Global Micro Entrepreneurship Award” from UNDP for six of its clients in 2005. The UNDP launched the award program to mark the International Year of Microcredit 2005, seeking samples of micro-entrepreneurship in developing countries.


In 2011, our superior rating of “4-” (out of the highest score “5+”) was reaffirmed in the social performance rating conducted by Planet Rating.
In 2009, we received “4-” rating out of the highest score “5+” in the social performance rating conducted by Planet Rating.
In 2008, VisionFund Cambodia was rated BBB+ by Microfinanza Rating. The rating is a detailed and complete assessment of the financial and operational performance of the MFI, based on recognized international standards.
In 2006, VisionFund Cambodia obtained a financial rating of alpha minus (oe-) by the Microfinance Rating International Limited (M-CRIL).


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