27 June 2015 - At first light in the early morning, hundreds of participants headed to Tmor Rong Natural Resort in Kampong Spuer province. It is VisionFund Cambodia’s Annual Care Group trip for Head Office staff and their family members. This year, we spent the whole day trip in Tmor Rong Natural Resort with numerous team-building games such as Dice, Blind fold, and Ball game with ropes; and it was a memorable moment which helped staff to energize and relax away from their everyday work as well as to build team spirit.

We also celebrated staff birthdays and had lunch together. In addition, this year was very special as it was attended by New CEO of VisionFund Cambodia, Mr. Adrain Merryman.

Adrain Merryman shared of his impression about the trip, “I had no idea before I came here that Cambodia is so beautiful.  It is a very special place.”  His meaningful impression encouraged the staff to enjoy this relaxing trip.

Every staff enjoyed this Care Group trip very much. It is hoped that they will be refreshed and re-committed to our mission of bringing a brighter future to Cambodian children through our work.  We encourage all staff to join this fun program every year, to enjoy the relaxation as well as to build a friendly environment among team members and to know each other better.

VisionFund firmly believes in caring for its staffs’ well-being through various programs as well as fun activities such as Staff Care Group, Staff Spiritual Retreat, Khmer New Year, and Christmas. As of June 2015, VisionFund Cambodia employed more than 1300 staff, and had reached 237,891 families with a loan portfolio of over US$105 million and 41,870 savers with almost US$19 million in savings value. Year after year, VisionFund continues to make greater positive impact on Cambodian children.







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