Travelling 300km from Phnom Penh, we finally reached to Battambang, a city which rich in Agriculture and Tourism. After then, we furthered to go down to one isolated area in Prey Svay Commune, Mong Russeuy District, Battambang City where there is a small hut of Mr. Chhun Bunthy’s lying. Faced with financial difficulty and having to take care of 3 children, Uncle Thy has to do many jobs at same time such as fishing, farming, peeling coconut-meat and looking after the children while his wife has to sell the sweet from morning till afternoon in the village.

As a responsible oldest brother, Chhun Channa, 19 years old, has always helped his parents out by doing the farm work and taking care of his younger brothers besides going to school. Furthermore, by seeing the struggle that his family encountered, Channa decided to peel sugarcane in exchange for some money to support his family and keep some to pay for his extra class and buy study materials. Every day, after school he always rushes to take the sugarcane and peel its skin off which for one bunch he could earn around 1,000 riel and for average he could peel up to 5 bunches which takes around 45minutes.

By having a detail investigation on his family background and seeing the commitment of Mr. Chhun Bunthy not to give up his family to work in Thailand, late 2010 VisionFund finally provided Scholarship to Channa as an encouragement for him to study until he gets High School Diploma though he was born in the poor family.

Channa emotionally told us that “My family is extremely poor; we don’t have many farms like other families, and my two brothers are now enrolling in school just like I do, I am so pity my parents that have to work very hard to earn the money so after school I always run back home to help my parents on farming and peeling sugarcane in the evening” he added “Therefore, the scholarship that VisionFund gave to me is more than just a financial and material support, it is like a big hope for me and my family. Because of this scholarship, I decided not to quit school and even have a dream to pursue my study until university level”.

Equally important, Channa is one of 313 students chosen by VisionFund to get the scholarship to continue their high school diploma. Channa successfully completed his high school diploma with grade “E” and besides studying, he used to raise fund in his village, led a group to clean at school and run a campaign on anti-drug usage”.

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