Hope Savings

      Best Child Account


  • High return and flat interest on your deposit  for a specific fixed term.
  • Flexible interest withdrawal options which can be made monthly or at the maturity date.
  • Secure your money for long term investment or any specific timeline.
  • Contribute to helping poor communities especially children.
  • High flexibility and convenience for you to deposit and withdraw your money during work hours.
  • Enable you to manage your cash flow and daily/monthly transactions.
  • Interest is added up to principal at every month-end for interest calculation in the following months.
  • No fees charged for reliable account opening
  • Increasing your child’s wealth and encouraging your children to develop a healthy savings habit
  • High Interest Rate
  • Interest as accrued daily and capitalized monthly

Minimum Deposit

  • USD 25
  • USD 1
  • USD 1

Annual Interest Rate

  • Up to 10.50% for KHR
  • Up to 7.50% for USD
  • Up to 3.50% for KHR
  • Up to 3.00% for USD
  • Up to 9.6% for KHR
  • Up to 7.25% for USD