Phnom Penh, February 23, 2017: VisionFund, a Microfinance Institution that provides reliable services and takes a great care of Cambodian people, collaborated with National Blood Transfusion Center to donate blood for the life of our nation at the Head Office of VisionFund (Cambodia) on February 22, 2017.

To be precise, 28 Staffs from Head Office including 3 Females, have contributed their blood to save the life of others as a mean of everyone is deserving a second chance of life. It is a part of salient commitment and determination that we have always seen VisionFund contribute their financial resource, physical energy and especially the blood as part of their strong sense of giving back to the community and social responsibility.

Mr. Heang Chanveasna, Head of Project Management of VisionFund, said “Donating blood is a minor act of doing good deed but it is obviously a huge contribution for the life of others. By doing so, it gives me a sense of self-satisfaction as I know that I could help others and more importantly, I feel secure about the life of my relatives and family since I have got a blood donation membership card which I can always re-claim whenever I need it”.

“Either man or woman, we both are qualified to donate blood if we fit the requirement. I feel great that as one of many women, I could do something good for the sake of others life and especially it also gives a sense of safety as I can get it to help my family as well” said Ms. So Daline, Business Development Manager of VisionFund.

VisionFund is a social leading Microfinance Institution (MFI) in Cambodia and the only licensed Microfinance institution that has a global network of more than 30 countries with mission to brighter future for children, empower families to create income and jobs, and unlock economic potential for communities to thrive.

As of December 2016, VisionFund (Cambodia) Co., Ltd has total assets more than US$ 167 million, and serve more than 257,000 households with a loan portfolio of over US$143 million and total savings values of US$ 36 million. Operating in 120 provincial and district branches covering in 25 provinces, it employed over 1,500 highly trained employees. VisionFund (Cambodia) Co., Ltd stands as the top one among VisionFund International and the top four among Microfinance in Cambodia that have the highest number of clients.

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