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Wednesday, 19 May 2010 04:22

Who We Are

VisionFund helps enterprising Cambodians build up their businesses one step at a time

An increasing number of VisionFund clients are able to send their children to school

Many of the poorest people in Cambodia are resourceful, hardworking and determined to solve their own problems. But without capital, these families are often forced into a cycle of debt that prevents them from lifting themselves out of poverty.

VisionFund Cambodia seeks to help these entrepreneurial poor get a start in business through the provision of small loans, with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Our work extends and complements World Vision's ministry by focusing on poor families to establish secure, healthy and dignified lives.

As of December 2008, VisionFund Cambodia is now serving nearly 80,000 clients with loans to the value of US$17,052,891.

Who we serve?

VisionFund's ministry is focused on the lives of Cambodia’s poorest families.  We are committed to providing access to financial services to the poor regardless of their religious beliefs, gender, or ethnic background.

Why we serve?

As a Christian company VisionFund’s goal is to move clients and communities out of poverty through micro finance.

VisionFund’s ultimate goal is to follow Christ’s example in transforming the lives of the poor and oppressed. Thus VisionFund actively involves itself in life transformation through the loans it provides.

How are we governed?

VisionFund Cambodia was previously managed and governed by World Vision Cambodia. In 2005 ownership and governance was transferred to VisionFund International who has a presence in 47 countries worldwide.

How are we funded?

Previously, World Vision and various government aid agencies funded VisionFund Cambodia. Since the beginning of 2006 access to funding for loans has been provided by VisionFund International.

How we serve?

Using three loan methodologies, VisionFund provides the poor with financial choices at reasonable interest rates.

Through working with VisionFund, a family is able to accumulate assets and build up their small businesses one step at a time. The aim is to maintain the provision of food for their children, create savings for emergency needs, afford medical care for their family, build up their businesses and send their children to school.

As their financial prospects grow, families will have more options and can even access more advanced credit markets through VisionFund.

How do we measure our success?

VFC measures its success in moving its clients to the next economic tier.  These tiers are categorized as the poorest of the poor, poor, and the not-so-poor.  In a 2004 study by World Vision Australia it clearly showed VFC’s level of success with an 80% to 83% reduction in the poorest of the poor at the client level for Village Banks operating for 2-3 years and a 70% increase in not-so-poor at community level.  With over 79% of VFC’s clients being women the success of this model also has led to positive social changes with:

  • a reduction of domestic violence,
  • an increase in women’s rights, and
  • improvements in food supply and quality.
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