World Vision Micro is an online fundraising platform which connects people around the world to raise fund for Cambodia’s community through micro loans of VisionFund. While the goal is to raise funds, Micro also provides the opportunity of transformation not only to clients but also to donors by helping them to better understand the country and its people through sharing stories of entrepreneurs and emphasizing how businesses are positively impacting those people’s lives as well as the lives of their families, especially children.
VisionFund Cambodia piloted the e-Funding platform on World Vision Micro since early 2011 and continues to support this program in nine provinces where World Vision International-Cambodia’s area development program (ADP) exists. VisionFund Cambodia provided  Samsung Galaxy tablets for the loan officers to upload journal updates both for mid-term and final updates. As of December 2014, approximately US$930,000 has been raised on the World Vision Micro platform.