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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 06:55

VisionFund's Staff Spiritual Retreat in Koh Kong

This year VisionFund Cambodia held its Staff Spiritual Retreat in Koh Kong province from 9th to 11th March 2012, under the theme “Together for a better future”. It was an amazing weekend where all VisionFund’s staff came together for a time of fun, relaxation and learning at the Koh Kong resort.  Staff was able to soak up the sights of Safari World Resort, sounds and fresh smells of the beach, and enjoy the wonder of spectacular Ta Tai waterfalls. Based on the theme, some important messages were also communicated by management, eg. on how we could strengthen our relationship internally and with partners in order to achieve our target to serve the poor. VisionFund was also proud to present the previous year’s performance awards for outstanding achievements in both financial and social performance. Overall it was acknowledged that every staff from all levels have played an important role to make such achievement possible. Therefore all staff were encouraged to commit themselves to serve VisionFund and the poor. 

VisionFund also took the opportunity to present Service Awards for staff who has been with VisionFund for 5 and 10 years. Besides that, there were many other fun activities including quizzes where staff get to win prizes; there was also a lucky draw where the grand prize was a laptop. Other prizes include cameras, cellphones, rice cookers and many other gifts. 

I was completely blown away by the retreat arrangement. The food, the exotic view and the care that VisionFund has given to staff is amazing. I had such a good memory with my colleagues that totally makes up for the tiredness of working throughout the year. I really look forward to the retreat next year once again. Thank you VisionFund. quoted from Chhin Sruy, Leuk Dek DBM, Kandal Province. 

As an employer who has concern over its staff wellbeing, VisionFund endeavours to provide a good working environment where everyone will be inspired to achieve both the company’s vision and mission together with work life balance. This retreat has left a smile on everyone’s face, which they  could bring home with pleasant memories.

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