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Small Business Loan

A loan tailored to meet working capital needs, assets procurement, and other business requirements or activities that generate income on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. The enterprises include greengrocer’s, grocer’s, Chinese noodle eatery, coffee shop, food shop and others.

Lending Methodologies Community Bank, Solidarity Group, or Individual
Loan Size KHR 80,000 - KHR 8,000,000 ,  USD 20 – USD 15,000 or THB 800 – 100,000
Loan Term 3 - 42 months
Interest Rate 1.75% to 3%
Repayment Mode All loans are tailored to best meet the applicants’ business cycles and cash flow.
Client Eligibility

General requirements for loans:

  • Age of majority
  • Good character and sound credit background, determined through reference checks
  • Existing legal businesses or income-generating activities (formal or informal)
  • A permanent residence address (At least one year within the current address)
  • Consent from spouse or household members to access the loan
  • Realistic and profitable business plan
  • Ability to share the investment, either by being an owner-operated business or by sharing ownership of the assets purchased with the applied loan
  • Ability to form group guarantee in case where loan is taken in the form of a community bank
  • Ability to provide guarantor(s) with sufficient collateral to cover repayment of the loan amount
  • Repayment coverage ratio of at least 1.3
Additional Benefits

Access to the Safety Net Program, which provides the following benefits:

  • In the event of death of the client, VisionFund will contribute some funds for the funeral and write off 100% of the client’s outstanding loan amount for client's loan disbursement less than or equal 1,000 USD lending, and 60% of the client’s outstanding loan for client's loan disbursement greater than 1,000 USD.
  • In the event of death of the client’s spouse, VisionFund will contribute some funds for the funeral.
  • In the event of death of the client’s registered children, VisionFund will contribute some funds for the funeral.
  • If chosen as best clients of the year, one of their children will be provided with education scholarship up to grade 12.
  • Opportunities to participate in financial education.
  • Be entitled to annual lucky draws.

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