On 18 August, 2015: VisionFund Cambodia as well as all employees donated US$7,000 to Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital, which is a hospital help to treat children for free.

Mrs. Top Sok Samphea, Chief Operating Officer of VisionFund Cambodia, along with top managements visited Kantha Bopha hospital and handed US$7,000  to the hospital.

“Concerning the better life of Children, VisionFund and its staff at all levels created a fund to help ill children by collecting US$7,000 in total. The amount of US$3,500 was voluntarily made by VisionFund staff and VisionFund contributed of US$3,500 to the hospital,” Mrs. Top Sok Samphea said. “Every year VisionFund keeps its profit approximately 11% for spending on social activities such as charities, donations to create value for customers and communities.

She added, “We do want to help every children whose family do not have enough capability to treat and seek treatment from the Kantha Bopha Hospital; Moreover, we strongly wish to see the hospital continue its mission to save the lives of Cambodian children.”

VisionFund is a leading Microfinance Institution on social missions in Cambodia that has a global network of 35 countries which provide financial services such as loans, savings products, and money transfer services in all operating provinces across country.  As of July 2015, VisionFund Cambodia reached a loan portfolio of US$107 million in supporting 243,556 families, mostly residing in suburban and remote areas of 25 provinces and cities, and with impact to more than 800,000 children.

Kantha Bopha Hospital Phnom Penh, which is recognized as impartiality and non-discrimination in the treatment of children. Over the last 23 years the Kantha Bopha hospitals have treated 13 Million outpatients and 1.56 Million seriously ill children requiring hospitalization.

“I am very happy that VisionFund and its staff donated US$7,000 to the hospital; I am very thankful to VisionFund and all staff who has a charity-minded to share and help the children.” Said Dr. Laurent Denis, Head pathologist and vice fund of Kantha Bopha hospital

Last but not least, Mrs. Top Sok Samphea thanks to all staff and VisionFund who attended hospital funding. Furthermore, we would like to request other institutions, organizations and companies to help to donate to Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital in order to continue its mission to help and treat the children of Cambodia.

I wish all the children are being treated for recovery.


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