Photo of VisionFund Staff during Staff Spiritual Retreat

VisionFund Cambodia has organized a joint 2015 Staff Spiritual Retreat with World Vision for all Head Office and Branches staff. The number of total participants will number approximately 2,000 staff from both organizations. Staff will be further divided into different groups ranging from 50 to 70 people each during the retreat.  

The Annual Retreat will be held in Preah Sihanouk. Over the course of three days, staff will spend time learning and relaxing on the workshop premises whilst enjoying the beautiful views. The theme of this year is Everyone Counts whichdemonstrates how each and every of us has a special part to play in valuing one another and appreciating our unique potential  regardless of what background  we are all from.

The retreat is a compulsory event for VisionFund Cambodia staff with the aim to motivate and refresh staff, as well as to inspire them to reflect upon their work performance this past year and to appreciate God’s vision to empower poor communities as we all continue to believe in brighter futures for children in the coming years.

VisionFund Cambodia always strives to take care of its staff’s well-being. It seeks to provide benefits to its staff and a pleasant working environment to encourage working, exploring, learning, and improving. For the more than 1000 staff at VisionFund who will participate in the retreat, we are confident  that they will leave recharged and inspired to work hard as a team and fulfil VisionFund’s mission for community development,​​ especially in close cooperation with World Vision.  




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