Group's photo of VisionFund's staff and LSI's staff
during MOU signing ceremony.

A Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony for the new partnership between VisionFund Cambodia and Learning for Success Institute (LSI) was held on 27 October 2014 at the LSI, Phnom Penh campus. Participants included Mrs. Top Sok Samphea, Chief Operating Officer of VisionFund, Mr. Khim Sokheng, the director of LSI, and other representative leaders from both partners.

Mrs. Top Sok Samphea, Chief Operating Officer of VisionFund, said, “The collaboration of these two organizations aims to support the educational pursuits of Cambodian youth. Through the Education loan at an affordable interest rate, students who are not able to afford the tuition fees are able to pursue their Bachelors or Masters Degree. VisionFund Cambodia’s education loan comes with exceptionally attractive benefits, including financing the purchases for school materials.

Learning for Success Institution was established in 2005 as a study center and later developed into an institution in 2013. LSI is an authorized educational firm registered by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport and provides a wide range of education including Bachelor’s Degrees, Associates Degrees, Soft Skills, On-job training for students, and many other courses which Mr. Khim Sokheng, an expert trainer on human resource development and a director of Learning for Success, directly manages.

VisionFund Cambodia is the only licensed Microfinance Institution in Cambodia that has a global network of 35 countries. Each year, VisionFund Cambodia normally recruits a number of new staff and provides opportunities to students to apply for internships through which they acquire knowledge and develop practical experience. Likewise, Students of Learning for Success also have the opportunity to compete for jobs and to gain experience from VisionFund Cambodia.

As of September 2014, VisionFund Cambodia has more than 1,000 staff who served about 220 thousand families with a loan portfolio of over USD 81 million operating in Phnom Penh and 24 other provinces. It has made positive impacts on more than 700 thousand children. In addition to offering education loans, VisionFund Cambodia also provides business loans, agriculture loans, money transfer services, and savings products as well.

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