Possessed with strong-willed and humble attitude, Khoun Thida is one of few girls in her village whom just graduated from high school as the top forth in Samdach Decho Hun Sen Roleang Chhouk High School with Grade C. Living with her parents in Kroheang Village, Somroung Toung District, Kompong Speu Province, Thida is the sixth child within eight siblings that receives the highest education.

Brought up by a low-income-family, she is suffered from social norm and conventional ideas by the way she committed toward earning knowledge. Some people said “Your family is poor why don’t you quit school and search for a job to help your family. Look at other children; they already worked at the factory and send money to their parents unlike you”. Even though she often heard this kind of harsh words, she never thought of give up school. Every day she has to travel in a long distance from house to school and way back and moreover; she needs to pack her own lunch as she could not afford to buy it.

By seeing her strong commitment in pursuing her dream and how her family has faced with financial difficulty, in late 2013 VisionFund decided to provide school materials, school uniform and some money to support her study under scholarship project.

Thida’s mother, Ms. Mom told VisionFund that “I always motivate her to keep on studying as she is the most outstanding kid among her siblings. Even my husband has to be a motor taxi-driver and I have to do some micro businesses at home, I often push her to do her best at school”. Thida added “Because of the encouragement from parents and the scholarship from VisionFund, it inspires me to put more effort into studying and also I think that if I choose to quit school and work at factory now, my life will stay at the darkness, my family will still encounter with poverty”.

Equally important, Thida is an outstanding student of mathematics, literature and physic. She used to be the top 3 math students in Kompong Speu Province. Furthermore, her dream is to be a math teacher so that she can transfer her knowledge to the next generation. She is one of 313 students chosen by VisionFund to get the scholarship to continue their high school diploma.

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